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Welcome to NewsGamer

A real-time multi-player web game where you find words starting with a specific letter.

Top Players

2000+ games played.

Why Play NewsGamer?

Real-time Multi-Player Experience

Challenge your friends or join a global competition in real-time.

Expand Your Vocabulary

Improve your word skills by finding words under time pressure.

Endless Fun and Learning

Combine entertainment and education while playing NewsGamer.

How to Play NewsGamer?

1. Sign in and Create Game

Sign in with your Google account. Press "Create Game" and choose mode (Multi player or Single player), which will redirect you to the game page. The game is created but remains inactive until you click 'Start Game.'

2. Joining the Game

Anyone accessing the new game page URL will automatically join the game. Participants' names and scores are visible at the top of the game page.

3. Gameplay

A common alphabet is displayed at the top, ensuring a consistent difficulty level for all players. Once the game begins, a paragraph appears, and players must identify words starting with the specified alphabet.

4. Scoring

The first player to find defined number of words wins.

4. Points Distribution

Earn points by clicking on the correct word. Points are distributed based on a complex algorithm that I wrote, mainly inspired by ELO rating.

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